I have been here four times as of this review and every time has been fantastic! I will be back!

I had been looking for a genuine traditional Thai massage since first experiencing one in Thailand in the mid-90’s and had been to several places that claimed to do Thai massage, but what I really got was a deep tissue massage, not even a poor imitation.

Enter Nara’s Thai Massage. I found Nara’s via Google after moving to Houston. As an added bonus I was pleased to discover that it was not far from my house in Cypress. I contacted Nara and was assured that it was a genuine traditional Thai massage and decided to give it a try.

Let me assure you it was authentic. If you have never had a traditional Thai massage, I highly recommend trying it. I have had Swedish, deep tissue, shiatusu (when I was in Japan, another style that is poorly imitated in the US), and traditional Thai. For me, Thai is the most relaxing. None of the other styles are like it. If you ever had a “Thai massage” and thought it was like another style, you didn’t have a real Thai massage. You get twisted into different positions to stretch your muscles, you have your back walked on and massaged with the masseuse’s feet, hot towels applied along with an element of deep tissue. While it is probably closer to deep tissue than any other style, it is far more than just deep tissue.

Reasons why you might not want a Thai massage. 1. If you have a hangup/phobia with feet touching you. 2. If you have joint or back issues be careful, (you should be careful with any style if you have medical issues) but if you let the masseuse know they can work around it. 3. If you don’t like the masseuse’s body in close proximity to yours. (They lean on you with body weight to stretch muscles) 4. If you don’t like deep tissue massage it may be too much for you but you could ask them to go easy on you. 5. If you like being tense with knotted up muscles.

First time I went to Nara’s my masseuse was male. I prefer heavy pressure and male masseuse’s usually can put more into it to work the knots out. (I can think of only two exceptions) Pete (an Americanization of a Thai name) did an outstanding job leaving me a relaxed blob of self-mobile jello. Ahhhhh! Unfortunately the next time I went back I was told Pete had returned to Thailand. Not to worry though, the past three visits Boom has been my masseuse and she has done a great job every time as well as maintaining the standard of me departing a blob of self-mobile jello. Did I say “Ahhhh!”? I believe there are at least two other masseuse’s, Kat, and the owner Nara, but I have only experienced Pete and Boom.

Price was $70 for an hour each time I went. That may seem expensive to some, especially since an additional tip is customary, but for me it is worth every penny. I think one hour is the minimum time but you can go longer. I personally consider less than an hour insufficient for a complete massage anyway. Other services are offered, please check the website if you are curious/interested as I have never used them.

Making appointments has always been easy, I have always gone on the weekends and have always managed an appointment the same day. Overall, I have no reason to look for another massage establishment. Highly recommended!
— Frank O. (Review on Yelp on Nara's Therapeutic Thai Massage and Day Spa)

As a long distance runner, I get a lot of massages. My sore IT bands and calves are always in constant need of attention. There are times, when I feel that I need to get a massage the next day. Luckily for me, this was how I discovered Nara.

I made several phone calls to various massage places, all of which were booked. Surprisingly, when I called Emerald Isle Day Spa (which is the current name and location for Nara’s business), I was able to secure an appointment for the next day.

I originally came in for a Swedish massage, but after explaining my issues to Nara, she suggested trying a Thai massage. I am so glad that I did.

I’ve never been so happy to have someone walk on me. Using bars secured to the ceiling, Nara used her feet to give me perhaps one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had. She then used Thai massage techniques to stretch me out. There’s no way, I could have done that on my own.

Selfishly, I like that that I was able to get in to see her so easily. But truth be told, I want to let you know that she is awesome. You should check her out.
— Denis C. (Review on Yelp on Nara's Therapeutic Thai Massage and Day Spa)

I’ve been here twice, once for a Swedish massage with Eva, and another time for a Thai massage with Nara. Both massages were excellent, but after having the Thai massage, I think I’m sold on trying that again in the future.

The staff is polite and the facility is very clean. The prices are very competitive with other massage businesses, and their late hours are perfect for those that get home late from work.

Just a heads-up, a towel is used for draping, which may seem too minimal for some people. Sheets are available upon request. The rooms are kept at a comfortable temperature.

Emerald Isle Day Spa is also operated as Nara’s Thai Massage.
— Denis C. (Review on Yelp on Emerald Isle Day Spa)

I am 7 months pregnant and woke up yesterday feeling miserable and in desperate need of a massage. I hate trying out new massage places because you just never know what you might get...and moving from midtown in Houston to Cypress has made it even more challenging to find good quality services in the burbs compared to what I’m used to. I am so happy I took a chance on this unassuming little day spa. The ladies were all wonderful. The location was clean and well kept and of course, the massage was just what I needed! I am already looking forward to going back again. This is absolutely money well spent. I look forward to not being pregnant so I can try out their Thai massage!
— Courtney C. (Review on Yelp on Emerald Isle Day Spa)

Pete gave me an awesome deep tissue massage. He really took his time and worked on my problem areas. I usually prefer a woman give me a massage, but I will definently ask for Pete on my next visit.
— Todd M. (Review on Yelp on Emerald Isle Day Spa)

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. I used to drive to Bellaire. So glad I won’t have to do that anymore. They know what they are doing. I had the foot massage. It’s worth every penny.
— Sonia A. (Review on Yelp on Emerald Isle Day Spa)

Cheap! Friendly! professional skill! Great foot and body massage! Took a trip to Huston and discovered this great place for spa.
— Will G. (Review on Yelp on Emerald Isle Day Spa)